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1  General Category / General Discussion / Current Server I.P. on: March 02, 2008, 08:40:44 am
Our Jedi Order's Temple may currently be found at:
2  Spam Farm / Off-Topic / Xfire Usernames on: March 01, 2008, 09:15:52 am
In {TO} our main form of comunication, besides the forum, is the instant messenging/gaming software known as Xfire.
I suggest that any Jedi within the clan downloads and uses this software to stay in touch with other Clan Members.

Here is a list of Jedi's usernames on xfire. Please post your own if it is not here already;-
Jedi Masters

Advanced Knights
- Eldor Xer'jera guardian225
- Fenix fenix0
- Flame razor1214
- Revere Ajax zardekoon
- Xiahou Kun xiahou46

Jedi Knights
- Anurien Keichi vesoludia
- Raine corvusargenteus

- Alex toalex
- Lux Aurumque marluxia01

- Chuck earthbounder1
- Joey samakas
- Plagues horsesinthesky
- Xavier xavier853
- Eris eris
- Zree jedizreekloon
- Ecran hibbihoo
- Guegui guegui

Bruck bruck1
DarkBob  thebob1
Phinx Darko koritosis
Raynar Thul subaru1212
Relic willj1
Sakoon deadeyeqc
Tobias tythejedi
Toran Koon bombersteve
Vehn Solo ouchwhittle
Neo neoholyknight
Therein death525
TwinHits twinhits
Sef Senatu sef123
Xenon scorpion797
Rade Fault shinobiayame
Florian Foxer dwjedi
Lumino Valar luminovalar
Rek sirrek08
Vynn Voranno cobra1125
John Solo kbmmdrklght
Jacen Skywalker jacen88
Alan Jal'daan dtriniman
Kabe'bec tank915
Odeyseis odeyseis
Antau Dryar antaukoon

If there are any mistakes or your name is not on here, feel free to post below.
3  General Category / Joining Applications / How to Join: READ BEFORE APPLYING on: February 29, 2008, 08:40:50 pm
The Order is always looking for potential Force sensitive students to be trained into Jedi. However, we will not just grant a force sensitve the rank of Initiate or higher. The petitioner will have to prove that he/she is ready to become a student of the Order. The Jedi High Council, along with every Knight and Master of the Order, will view their actions over a weeks and decide whether the Force sensitive will gain entrance into the Order.

Posting an application does not guarantee you will begin the initaition process.  You must first be active in the Temple (server) and on the Holonet (forums) for some time and be invited by a Jedi Knight or Master. Once invited, and you accept, the vetting process will begin. You may be subjected to many questions and small tests of skill by many Jedi Knights and Masters over this week-long period. Ultimately, the Knights and Masters will vote to decide your fate. Each Knight and Master has the power to veto one potential member a year, so you may be blocked outright if they feel you are not a good fit. Also, you must receive 3 votes of confidence to be accepted. If you are rejected, you may not be invited again for 2 months.

If you would like to apply, simply to let us know you seek admission and to give us some background information about yourself, you must make your own new topic in the "Joining Applications" section where you will introduce youself to the clan. When writing your application please spend around 10 minutes or more on it. If you cannot spend around 10 minutes on your joining post, then you need not apply.

Here are the sections you should include in your application (and you may use this as a template):

- Your Persona's Name-
What is your Star Wars persona's full name?
What is your in-game nickname (if other than what you use above)?
What other names have you used?
Where did your current persona name come from, how did you come up with it?
Do you think you would change your persona name in the future? (If so, you might want to change it before being accepted.)

- Expierience-
How long have you been playing the Jedi Knight series games?
What previoues clans have you been in?
What rank did you achieve in these clans?
Why did you leave these clans?
Do these previous clans have any dislike toward you? (Did you leave on good terms?)

- Skills-
What saber stances are you confident in using (red, yellow, blue, twin, staff) in a duel with skilled opponents?
Who (if anyone) taught you how to use the stances you feel confident in properly?
How confident are you in using them?
What other skills do you feel you possess?  What are your weaknesses?

- Why you wish to join us-
This is the most important question. Spend around 5 minutes on writing a short paragrpah on why you wish to join.

Before your post, we ask of you to consider the following things: There is no age limitations, however we look for friendly, mature, and well behaved people. The joining process may be lengthy so we ask for your patience. If you have patience you will be invited, do not keep asking when you will be invited, or your chances will be slimmer. You must also be willing to spend time with the people in the clan. Remember that by posting your application, you are agreeing to following our rules. If you havent read them yet, be sure to read through "Structure of The Order".

After applying, you may not use any sort of tags in game, or we will presume you either are posing as one of our clan members, or are multiclanning, and will not be invited.

After your post, please remember, it is important to stay active. Once you have applied, you will be evaluated by the Jedi Knights and above, based on your behaviour, knowledge and skill. Once we have seen enough, the council will come to a final decision. If accepted, the Council will speak to you on the server and begin your Intiation. If declined, a post will be made in your application thread.
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