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Title: Temple (Server) Conduct
Post by: Tzu on November 21, 2011, 12:05:53 am
The following are rules of conduct which shall be followed within the confines of the Jedi Temple and throughout the rest of the Galaxy (our server and others):

- A Jedi uses his powers and skills to defend himself and others, never to attack.  Therefore s/he shall not attack those who are not engaging (i.e. saber down, in chat, etc.)

- A Jedi, below the rank of Jedi Knight, shall not use dark side force powers.

- A Jedi shall not use a black saber color or any saber that produces strange effects that make it difficult to discern the saber's true path.  These are tactics used by griefers to gain an unfair advantage.

- A Jedi shall respect everyone, friend or foe.

- A Jedi shall refrain from swearing or using other profane or suggestive language.

- A Jedi may only change his name once. If they change their name, and want to change it again, they may only go back to their original. Name changes must be requested and aprroved.

- A Jedi should not take the exact name of a character within the Star Wars Universe.

- A Jedi should never take pride in defeating someone.

- A Jedi must notify the clan if he will be gone for an extended period of time. (e.g. a 2-week vacation)

- A Jedi works out their differences in a mature way.  Any disagreements between members should be dealt with privately.  If a resolution cannot be made, it should be taken to the Council privately for mitigation.

- A Jedi should speak using a mature dialogue. No childish comments or excessive abbreviations should be used.

- A Jedi should keep language other than Galalctic Common (English) in private messages within the temple, so as not to be seen as spamming.

- A Jedi shall wear his tags at all time within the temple, unless otherwise instructed/permitted by administration for a special purpose.

- A Jedi may not be in any other JKA clan other than the Order.

- A Jedi shall do their best to attend public functions in the Temple at least once a week (and should also be active in the Holonet.)

- A Jedi should focus on bettering the Order, not just their personal goals.

- A Jedi should know when to have fun, but also know when to act mature and responsible.

The following applies to all guests of the Temple, in addition to all Jedi:

- Do not randomly start attacking players who have their saber down; while the game mode may say FFA, this is not a 24/7 FFA server, it is a training server with rules of engagement.

- Keep non duel fighting organised. This means away from spawn points or main areas of maps.

- Do not simply jump into the fray when people are fighting outside the context of a duel, they may be practicing, or there may be Trials in progress. Ask before joining into FFA.

- No message spamming, killtrackers, or bots of any sort.  This does not currently extend to the JA+ autoreplier, but you may be asked to turn it off if it becomes annoying.